We focus on improving quality of life throughout the cancer journey.

At New England Cancer Specialists, we offer a robust Supportive & Palliative Care program designed to help patients live as well and as fully as possible while navigating the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Supportive care is appropriate at any stage of cancer—before, during or after treatment.

The supportive services team consists of specially trained clinicians—physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and social workers—who work directly with your oncology team.

Supportive & Palliative care clinicians are focused on improving quality of life for both patients and their families by helping with issues such as:

  • Pain, fatigue, anxiety, difficulty breathing, poor appetite, nausea, or other cancer or treatment-related symptoms.
  • Providing assistance understanding treatment options, medical decision-making and completing advanced care planning documents.

“I feel privileged to offer patients the support they need, and I am humbled to see their strength of spirit as they face cancer."

Bridget Franciose

Supportive Services Q & A

Why is my oncologist referring me to a Supportive & Palliative care specialist?

At NECS our goal is to promote the best possible care for our patients and their families. Your oncology team wants you to have an extra layer of support to help reduce the symptoms, anxiety and stress associated with your cancer treatment. Patients who have their pain and symptoms under control and emotional needs addressed are shown to have an overall better experience with their medical care.

Will my treatment change if supportive care is involved?

No, supportive & palliative care clinicians work directly with your oncology team. The services provided are in addition to the treatment plan that has been established by your oncologist

When is the right time to involve supportive & palliative care?

Medical research supports that patients benefit from supportive care at any time during their treatment for cancer, however, patients benefit the most when connected to supportive care early in the course of their illness, often at the time of initial diagnosis.

How do I access this service?

As a patient at NECS, you can ask any member of your oncology team for a referral and an appointment can be made either in person or through telemedicine.

Does insurance cover this type of care?

Most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid cover supportive & palliative care services. If cost is a concern, please speak with one of our financial advocates. 

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call us at (207)-303-3300 (in Maine) or (603) 828-0100 (in Portsmouth).

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