One-on-One Support for Cancer Patients

Free Support for Patients

For patients dealing with cancer, connecting to someone who has "been there" can be a great source of help and comfort. That’s why New England Cancer Specialists offers Cancer Connections, a one-on-one peer mentoring support program linking trained volunteers with individuals who would like support from another cancer patient. 

The Program Can: 

  • Connect individuals who are currently going through treatment (Mentees) with cancer survivors who have volunteered to be Mentors; and
  • Connect people with advanced cancer, receiving palliative treatment, with others receiving palliative treatment. 

A Peer Support Mentor Can:

  • Listen to your feelings;
  • Help you talk through worries or concerns;
  • Help you clarify your thoughts and values related to your illness; and
  • Provide helpful tips on what to potentially expect from surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal/endocrine therapy, or radiation.

This free service is open to all New England Cancer Specialists patients at any point before, during, or after treatment. We encourage people with all stages of disease to reach out for more information if interested in having a mentor or a peer support person. 

Two Ways to Request a Peer Support Mentor

There are two ways to request a peer support mentor: 

  • Fill out this Referral Form. Once you have filled out the form, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days by our Social Worker, Edie White (photo top right).


  • Call (207) 303-3435 and ask for Edie White (see photo top right), who will obtain additional information.     

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