We’ll get to work right away treating your cancer with everything we’ve got.

At New England Cancer Specialists, Maine’s finest cancer doctors treat all adult cancers and blood diseases, using just about every cancer-fighting treatment known today, from chemotherapy to immunotherapy to targeted medicine.

Whichever path you choose to become a patient, we'll make it as fast and easy as possible.

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In treating your cancer, time is of the essence: the sooner we begin treating you, the better your outcome is likely to be.

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Using Telemedicine, patients can get a second opinion from an NECS expert in your type of cancer, right in your home.

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Whatever your diagnosis, talk to your doctor or other provider about referring you to NECS—the region’s leading oncology practice—for treatment.

Providers: Click here to download our referral form.

To schedule an appointment, request a second opinion, or for more information, call us today! Maine: (207) 303-3300   New Hampshire: (603) 828-0100

NOTE: If you are a current NECS patient wishing to request an appointment, please call our office for help setting up your CareSpace portal. Our operators can assist you.

Choose from five convenient locations in Maine and New Hampshire.

You'll find all the resources you need at any of our five offices. Click to find the one closest to you, our hours, and all the other information you’ll need.

Your Patient Care Team

You’ll meet with an oncologist specializing in your particular disease, backed by an expert team to meet your every request, keep your information up-to-date, and ensure that there is always someone on call who is well-versed in your case.

Your physician will take the time to customize a treatment plan for your particular physical and emotional needs...monitor your progress...and quickly adapt to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Meet our Team

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