Oncology nutrition: A powerful self-care tool to support your cancer care regimen.

Take advantage of our nutrition resources and discover smart strategies and nutrition tips for supporting your immune system. You’ll learn new approaches to healthy eating that prime your body to achieve the best outcome from your medical care.

Past Workshops

Meal Prep Hacks to Optimize Nutrition
This session was held in September, 2022. Stay tuned for future offerings on this topic!  

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a loop of two steps forward, one step back, when it comes to being consistent with healthy eating? Do you find creating nutritious and tasty meals difficult, overwhelming, expensive or just too hard?! You're not alone! Learn how to break down these barriers with simple, effective strategies that keep you focused on your path toward wellness.  

All You Should Know About Cooking a Mediterranean Diet
This session was held in October, 2022. Visit our YouTube channel to view the recording!


The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world and best way to optimize your nutrition, wellness and overall immune system. It's also a flavorful and simple way to approach creating meals. Come learn about why the Mediterranean diet can benefit you and how to create delicious meals your family will love. 

Low Sugar Lifestyle
This session was held in November, 2022. Visit our YouTube channel to view the recording!


Excess sugar in our diet is linked to everything from poor mood to low energy and risk for many chronic illnesses, like prediabetes and heart disease. You've probably heard that "sugar feeds cancer," but this headline doesn't tell the whole story. Get the facts and reduce fear around eating after your cancer diagnosis. You'll learn why our bodies naturally crave sugar and how to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to conquering cravings. 

Energy & Sleep
This session was held in December, 2022. Visit our YouTube channel to view the recording:


Did you know that fatigue is the top rated symptom that's dampening your quality of life?  Nutrition is one of the best ways you can boost your energy level, support your metabolism and active lifestyle. About a third of the U.S. adults sleep less than the recommended amount! We will be exploring the relationship between sleep and nutrition by discussing specific nutrients, overall eating patterns, timing of eating, and simple action steps to improve your sleeping habits.  We will go through a Sleep Challenge Worksheet together, so you can leave with a personalized Sleep Plan.

Immune Fighting & Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle
This session was held in January, 2023. Visit our YouTube channel to view the recording!


This fun, engaging and informative workshop is all about healthy eating to support anti-inflammation and immunity. Your immune system requires key nutrients found in plants, but seasonal eating can sometimes feel like a challenge. Learn how to keep up with healing fruits and vegetables and specific foods that will help to support immunity and reduce inflammation. 

Meet Your Dietitian

Stacy Kennedy MPH, RD, CSO, LDN

Chelsea Hardy MS, RD, LD
Oncology Dietitian

See Chelsea’s full bio here 

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