“We’re excited to now offer patients a way to reduce hair loss from chemotherapy!”

Chiara Battelli MD, President

Chiara Battelli Headshot

Scalp Cooling Technology is now available at all New England Cancer Specialists locations.

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, and can have a significant emotional impact on many patients. It can be an unwanted reminder of their disease, can compromise their self-image, and a lot of people would simply like to maintain their hair. That's why NECS is pleased to now offer the option of Scalp Cooling Technology—also known as "cold cap"—to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The success rate of Scalp Cooling in reducing hair loss is up to 70% for some chemotherapy regimens. It's lower for other regimens, but there is anecdotal evidence that even if it doesn't reduce hair loss, it will help hair grow back faster.

Scalp Cooling Headcap

Scalp Cooling is safe and relatively easy to tolerate. The most common side effect is a minor headache caused by the cooling. Most important, research shows that Scalp Cooling does not affect cancer treatment. For many patients, it offers some privacy and provides emotional comfort that eases their cancer journey.

Read this detailed Guide to Scalp Cooling, and ask your provider if it might be right for you.

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