Integrated support services: Making a profound impact on your everyday well-being.

A cancer diagnosis is stressful in and of itself. Your treatment regimen and prognosis can easily dominate your thoughts and weigh on your everyday existence. Meanwhile, a host of other factors and questions often add to the strain and affect other parts of your life. That’s why NECS offers integrated support services to help you successfully handle these external stressors, so you can concentrate on doing the things you need to do to get better.

Our trained financial advocates are 100% dedicated to the mission of helping you pay for your treatment, whether you’re insured or not. Our nutrition workshops are designed to help support immunity and overall health and wellness before, during and after cancer treatment. And our patient peer support program connects you with mentors who have “been there” and offer a great source of help and comfort through your cancer journey. We also offer Advance Care planning, consultations on sexual health and planning guidance and coordination for survivorship care once you’ve completed your treatments.

It's all part of our promise to treat you as a whole person—by providing the resources you need to successfully handle the various, often unforeseen, challenges you may face beyond treating your cancer.

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