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COVID-19 November Visitor Policy Update

November 22, 2020


As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Maine and New Hampshire, we want to let you know that all patients should plan to come into our offices alone and arrange for pickup and drop off if needed. The only exceptions to this policy are for patients who absolutely require special assistance or language interpretation, or for one of these three types of visits:

  1. A new patient cancer consult
  2. A treatment/chemotherapy education visit
  3. A scan review

NOTE: At 100 Campus Drive in Scarborough, MaineHealth policy does not allow patients to bring a companion for the above three visit types. Companions are only permitted at our Scarborough office for patients who require special physical or cognitive assistance, or language interpretation. 

What does this mean for you? 

If you have an in-person appointment with your provider or a visit other than those listed above, please do not bring a visitor with you to our offices. 

The visitor will not be allowed into the exam room or the treatment room, and they will not be able to wait for you in our waiting rooms. 

Other Options for You & Your Loved Ones

We have several ways for your loved ones to participate in your visit: 

  1. You can call or video chat with your loved ones from the exam room with your provider. View instructions here.
  2. You can request a telehealth appointment with your provider - just ask your care team.

Thank you in advance for honoring this policy. It is for your health & safety, as well as the health & safety of our teams.