Savoring A Plant Based Diet

Join us for this upcoming session as part of our Survivorship And Beyond series.

Savoring A Plant Based Diet

Join Jenna Madore for an open discussion on plant based diets.  Learn the value of incorporating more plants into your diet. We will review how to meet macronutrient needs while limiting animal protein. Learn which forms of supplementation can be beneficial and/or necessary. There will be sharing on plant based recipes, cooking methods, and local food resources. This will be an opportunity to connect with other survivors and find healthy nutrition support.  

Scarborough: sessions will be held at 100 Campus Drive

June 5 - 10:30 a.m.
June 19 - 5 p.m.




Jenna Madore: Jenna’s love and drive for nutrition began when she was a child. Some of her favorite memories include a loud kitchen filled with her sisters, mother and grandmother all preparing food for meals that they would share together, sometimes for holidays, and sometimes for no reason other than to be together. This drove her to pursue a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York Institute of Technology and completed a 1200 hr dietetic internship at the University of New Hampshire under accreditation from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. After years of working as an outpatient Dietitian, she created a space where she can work more intently with clients at their own pace. At Savor Food Life & Health, Jenna helps clients form a positive relationship with food to allow them to live life in optimum health.