NECS welcomes Joan Lunden

May 12, 2017 · Journalist & TV Host speaks at local conference

New England Cancer Specialists was host to a special Hospice of Southern Maine breakfast on May 11th, featuring Joan Lunden. Lunden, who is working to further understanding and advance planning in the elder care space, addressed the group before her talk at the Thresholds Conference. Thresholds is an annual event of Hospice of Southern Maine. Dr. Tracey F. Weisberg, president of NECS and a specialist in breast cancer, introduced Lunden. The two became acquainted during Lunden's treatment for breast cancer. Lunden also caught up with several NECS nurses, noting on social media that it was "a treat" to see them during National Nurses Week. 

Dr. Tracey F. Weisberg and Joan Lunden   Joan Lunden speaking  Joan Lunden and NECS nurses


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