Bi-Specific Antibody Therapy

June 18, 2024

Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment Now Available in Maine   

Scarborough, ME, 2024 – In a significant advancement for cancer care in Maine, New England Cancer Specialists (NECS) proudly announce the availability of Bi-Specific Antibody Therapy. This innovative treatment offers new hope for patients with certain difficult to treat blood cancers as well as cancerous tumors - representing a major leap in the ability to tailor effective therapies to the unique needs of each patient.  
For the first time, this cutting-edge therapy is available in Maine. NECS is now the second community-based oncology practice in the country to offer Bi-Specific Antibody Therapy in an all-outpatient setting. This means patients can receive the most advanced treatments close to home, without the added risk of hospital-acquired infections or the cost pressures of hospital-based care, enhancing convenience and comfort during this advanced cancer therapy. 
“This is a state-of-the-art immunotherapy,” said Dr. David Fisher, Medical Oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “This is a complicated therapy and NECS has designed a safe and efficient way to provide this therapy for their patients close to home.” 
Bi-Specific Antibody Therapy uses the body's immune system to target and destroy cancer cells with remarkable precision. This promising therapy not only improves treatment outcomes but also brings new hope to those with advanced cancer diagnoses. 
"We are thrilled to bring new treatment options to our patients in Maine and New Hampshire,” said Dr. John Winters, an Oncologist and Hematologist at New England Cancer Specialists. “Bi-Specific Antibody Therapy marks a true turning point in cancer treatment, allowing us to tailor interventions to the genetic makeup of each patient's cancer, achieving a level of precision previously thought to be out of reach." 

The introduction of this therapy at NECS demonstrates the center's commitment to leading in scientific and medical advancements. NECS is actively participating in leading-edge Bi-Specific Antibody clinical trials with the goal of expanding the availability of this therapy to an even broader cancer patient population in Maine and New Hampshire.


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