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If you’d like to donate to support cancer patients, here’s how.

Patients or their families often express interest in donating to New England Cancer Specialists in honor of the work we do. We appreciate your support—but we are not a non-profit organization, and any donations we accept will not be tax-deductible. That’s why we encourage our generous supporters to consider donating to one of these worthy, local nonprofits. These groups provide a variety of help and support to patients and families during their cancer journey. We are proud to partner with them.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Foundation4Love was founded by two sisters: a breast cancer survivor and an oncology nurse. Together, they built a business around health and wellness, but also wanted to create a nonprofit to give back to their local community. Foundation4Love was originally created to provide patients an escape to disconnect from cancer and connect with those they love, but their work has now expanded to offer even more support to those impacted by cancer. The Foundation4Love team is excited to be part of helping build a healing and wellness program, including integrative and supportive therapies, for patients of New England Cancer Specialists at their new Rock Row location, scheduled to open in 2023. The Foundation will support the practice's healing and wellness initiative, which will provide services such as scalp cooling, massage, acupuncture, as well as a Food is Medicine Program. They currently help patients with the cost of scalp cooling treatment at all New England Cancer Specialists offices.  Click here to donate.

Dean lost his battle with esophageal cancer in September 2009. His amazing attitude, strength, determination and courageous spirit were an inspiration to his family and everyone around him. This foundation provides confidential financial assistance to cancer patients at NECS in Topsham for a range of expenses. This assistance can include prescription medications, medical equipment, medical insurance premiums, transportation, gas cards, food cards, heating oil, and more. Click here to donate.

The Snell Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit dedicated to providing patients of New England Cancer Specialists at all locations with a range of confidential financial help, including prescription medications, medical equipment, medical insurance premiums, transportation costs, food cards, utilities, and more. Click here to donate.