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Clinical excellence...or a personal approach? Convenient...or comprehensive?

At New England Cancer Specialists, we don’t think cancer patients should have to choose. So we’ve assembled a team of the most experienced specialists in the region at three convenient offices right here in Maine, and work closely with leading researchers across the U.S.

We know how scary cancer can be. So we’re committed to achieving the best outcome and providing unmatched support for every patient.

We’re honored to be one of only ten practices nationwide—and the only one in Maine—named an Accredited Oncology Medical Home by the Commission on Cancer.

We’re equally honored to touch the life of each patient we serve. If you or a loved one should ever need to make this very personal decision, call us or visit today.

“I’ve developed deeper relationships with patients here than I ever did at a hospital. I’m honored to be part of their journey.”

–Summer D. Mowry, ACNP

”In many years of practice, I’ve found listening to the patient is one of the most important aspects of care.”

–Suzanne Berlin, DO



NECS welcomes Joan Lunden

New England Cancer Specialists was host to a special Hospice of Southern Maine breakfast on May 11th, featuring Joan Lunden. Lunden, who is working to further understanding and advance planning in the elder care space, addressed the group before her talk at the Thresholds Conference. Thresholds is an annual event of Hospice of Southern Maine. Dr. Tracey F. Weisberg, president of NECS and a specialist in breast cancer, introduced Lunden. The two became acquainted during Lunden's treatment for...



Our CEO, Steven D'Amato, spoke on a panel last week in Maryland about the role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in escalating drug prices, and the associated impact on patients and community oncology practices.

The Community Oncology Alliance has issued a white paper on this topic, and how PBMs increase the cost of care for many people across the country.

You can read a synopsis of the panel discussion here.


(Photograph from Ted Okon via Twitter: @TedOkonCOA)

NECS Leadership Testifies in Augusta

Our CEO, Steven D'Amato, and president, Dr. Tracey Weisberg, testified before the Health and Human Services Committee of the Maine Legislature yesterday. They were advocating for two bills that will ensure appropriate access for cancer patients to receive effective pain management.

Read Dr. Weisberg's testimony here

Read Steven D'Amato's testimony here

Read the policy position of the American Society of Clinical Oncology here