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Session V: SCANxiety

Join us for this upcoming session as part of our Survivorship And Beyond series.

SCANxiety: Taming the beast through art therapy

SCANxiety is the term used to describe the overpowering thoughts, feelings, and sensations associated with diagnostic tests following a cancer diagnosis. Even though it involves anxiety, in reality scanxiety is PTSD in action. This workshop will help you understand exactly what is happening to allow you to respond to scanxiety with more ease. We will harness the power of art to “tame the beast”. This type of art making doesn’t require creative talent to benefit from the practice. Everyone can do it, and Stephanie will be there to guide you through.

Scarborough: sessions will be held at 100 Campus Drive

5/7 - 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
5/9 - 5 to 7 PM


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Stephanie McLeod-Estevez: Stephanie is an art therapist, breast cancer survivor, and a caregiver to her mother who died from metastatic breast cancer when she was 26. Blending her personal and professional expertise, she offers transformational sessions, workshops, and knowledge to her clients- working in person and virtually. Stephanie has published in Coping with Cancer and Breast Cancer Wellness magazines, run multiple workshops with Cancer Community Center & Caring Connections, and was a featured speaker at the 13th annual metastatic breast cancer conference with