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"I continue to be amazed at how my NECS team treats me: like I'm their only patient. I shouldn't even be alive today, but four years later, here I am."

Dan Allen of Naples, Maine, Prostate Cancer Patient

"I got diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in 2017, and am Stage 4. The surgeon that took out my prostate referred me right over to Dr. Thomas, and I immediately liked him. The relationship was instant and I knew I was in the right place at New England Cancer Specialists.

"A relative insisted that I go see someone in Boston, and lined me up with Dr. Sweeney at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. With Dr. Thomas's blessing, I saw Dr. Sweeney; he said he knew Dr. Thomas, and that I was getting the best possible care already. He sent me back up here for my treatment. To have a Boston doctor—one of the best in the world, not just New England—tell me that was a good feeling.

"Now that NECS is affiliated with Dana-Farber, it's nice having them in the back pocket, so to speak. For example, there's a new drug that is only being administered at Dana-Farber. Dr. Thomas and my doctor at Dana-Farber have arranged for me to get the new treatment down there.

"Any time I need to get in to see my care team, for pain or some other issue, they deal with it. They don't make you wait. It's such a good feeling to have a team—it's not just one of them, it's the whole team that treats you like you're the only patient: the nurses, the desk staff, I know them all now. I couldn't ask for a better team. I don't know how they keep smiling every time I come in the door, after four years now. They're amazing.

"Whenever I hear someone mention cancer, I immediately tell them, 'Get a referral to NECS. You'll be going to the best place in New England.'"

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Dan Allen Prostate Cancer Patient at NECS

Dan Allen with NP reviewing his cancer notes on the digital exam board

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