We'll support you throughout your cancer journey

Even after your treatment ends, cancer can have significant effects on your entire life: emotional, physical, financial, and more. At NECS, we’re committed to helping you know what to expect and how to move forward towards a healthy, active life.

Financial Advocates

Our Financial Advocates will review your insurance coverage and alert you to any potentially unexpected costs, and are available to meet with you to discuss financial issues and help to find assistance when needed

Survivorship Care

Our board-certified Genetic Counselors can help you and your family decide on genetic testing, an optional tool that can help you understand your chance of developing cancer due to a genetic condition (hereditary cancer syndrome).

Survivorship Care

Advance Care Planning helps you prepare for the what-ifs in life. Our Supportive Care team will discuss and help you choose what types of care you would like to receive if you became seriously ill and unable to make your preferences known. It’s a process all adults should consider undertaking...sooner than later!


Scalp Cooling Technology can help reduce hair loss for patients undergoing certain chemotherapy treatments. Even in cases where it doesn't reduce hair loss, it may help hair grow back faster. It is safe and does not compromise treatment. The main potential side effect is minor headache from the cooling. 

Social Work and Counseling

Caregiver Tips—Caring for a loved one who has cancer may be the hardest job you’ll ever do. To help, we’ve compiled some good advice on managing doctor visits and prescriptions, sources of information online, and getting the support you need—including the option of hiring home healthcare professionals.

Supportive Care

Our Supportive & Palliative Care program focuses on improving your quality of life, and helping you deal with symptoms and logistical issues throughout your cancer journey. (207) 303-3300 (in Maine) or (603) 828-0100 (in Portsmouth) to set up a meeting with one of our Supportive & Palliative Care Specialists.

Survivorship Care

Our Survivorship Care program helps coordinate care to promote safety and eliminate unnecessary and repetitive testing. Click here for information on care after treatment.

Mental Health Support and Peer Support

Survivorship Care

A cancer diagnosis is a highly emotional experience that is bound to trigger fears and worries. Cancer Connections is a free and popular program that gives you one-on-one access to a mentor who has “been there” and understands the feelings and fears you may experience. Click here to learn more about accessing this free volunteer peer support program.

Survivorship Care

Our Mental Health Support offerings also include access to licensed clinical social workers who can help you cope not only with the associated fears of a diagnosis, but also give you tips on asking for help or politely declining offers of assistance you don’t find helpful. Click here to learn more about accessing our licensed clinical social workers.

Other services, such as outpatient psychiatry and nutrition services, may be available to you depending on your insurance or a doctor's referral. Please speak to your care team for a referral to a trusted provider.

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