Session II: Beauty: Feel Like You Again

This is the second session in our 4-part Survivorship and Beyond series, in partnership with SaltyGirl Beauty.

The evening sessions of this month's offering will be in two sections, with special areas of focus for men and for women. The session will begin as a large group and then break out into two sections. All are welcome! 

For women, and for the midday offerings, the session will be led by the founders of SaltyGirl Beauty. Sarah Kelly is a Breast Cancer Survivor, and Leah Robert is an Oncology Nurse. Come have fun with these ladies as they talk about the physical changes you may be dealing with during and after treatment. This session is meant to be fun, and includes makeup and skincare tutorials, and lots of tips and tricks to help you feel like yourself again.

For men, Dr. Verne Weisberg will lead The Playbook for men on feeling whole again during and after cancer. Please note: This offering will be for the evening sessions (5-7 p.m.) on both 2/27 and 2/28. 

Men diagnosed with cancer have very similar hardships than that of women, but sometimes are not given the platform to talk about it. It is common for men with different types of cancers to struggle with their body image and not receive the emotional and physical support they need. We are very excited to have Dr. Verne Weisberg share his expertise around selfcare for men, and how you can help yourself, reconnect with your partner, friends, and your community.

Scarborough: sessions will be held at 100 Campus Drive

2/27 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
2/27 5 to 7 PM

Kennebunk: sessions will be held at the Livewell Campus, 2 Livewell Drive

2/28 5 to 7 PM  - Kennebunk Center for Dentistry



Leah Robert: Leah has always had a passion for health and wellness, which led her into her career as an oncology nurse. Her passion and expertise in helping cancer patients was reinforced when her sister Sarah was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Together, Leah and Sarah decided to go into business to create a brand whose mission was to help all women feel confident, empowered and beautiful. That brand became SaltyGirl Beauty, an all-natural and organic cosmetic line. While juggling the responsibilities of a brand founder, Leah continues to work as an oncology nurse at New England Cancer Specialists.


Sarah Kelly: Sarah is the co-founder of SaltyGirl Beauty, an organic cosmetic and body care line dedicated to empowering women. She is a 3 year stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor. Sarah was diagnosed at 36 years old when she was 8 months pregnant. With no family history and unable to pinpoint why cancer happened to her, Sarah and her sister Leah, an oncology nurse, (& co-founder of SaltyGirl Beauty), started researching all the ingredients that are in the products we consume and wear. That along with the loss of her hair and desire to find a lipstick that felt good on her dry lips and to keep some sense of herself, Leah and Sarah founded SaltyGirl Beauty.


Dr. Verne Weisberg: Although Dr. Weisberg's career for the past 25 years has been as a practicing Plastic Surgeon, his passion since 2015 has been personal development. He dedicated himself to learning and understanding the reasons why we do the things we do, and believe the things we believe. His passion is to use this knowledge to coach people to get the results they truly desire. In this session, Dr. Weisberg desires to hep men share their emotion, struggles, and suffering as they navigate after a cancer diagnosis.