Session I: Empowering A Stronger You

This is the first session in our new Survivorship and Beyond series, in partnership with Quest Fitness.

Have you been told that Nutrition and Fitness play a key role in your Survivorship, and are looking for the tools to show you what will work for you? This session is lead by the experts themselves at Quest Fitness who will be directing their focus on wellness and the education around nutrition and fitness that can help empower a stronger you!

Scarborough: sessions will be held at 100 Campus Drive

1/23 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
1/30 5 to 7 PM

Kennebunk: sessions will be held at the Livewell Campus, 2 Livewell Drive

1/18 2:30 to 4:30 PM - Quest Fitness
1/24 5 to 7 PM - Kennebunk Center for Dentistry





Richard Evans: Richard has his degree in exercise science. He served as the Executive Director of Synergy Health and Fitness Center at Exeter Hospital, NH from 1997 - 2009. Synergy was a medically-based wellness center that integrated traditional fitness services with medical wellness, including physical therapy, pulmonary rehab, and a Cancer Wellfit program serving the community. After leaving Exeter Hospital, Richard became and continues his role as Managing Partner of Quest Fitness in Kennebunk, Maine. In 2009, he developed Quest to meet the fitness and wellness needs of the Kennebunk community. Entering their 10th year of operation, Quest currently offers a diverse selection of programming and services to meet the wellness needs of the community. Quest combines a depth of yoga programming with massage and Reiki services, and aquatic exercise, as well as strength and conditioning for all levels of fitness.

Alanna Littlefield: Alanna is the Fitness Director at Quest Fitness and also a licensed certified athletic trainer. She belongs to the Board of Certification for Athletic Training, National Athletic Training Association and Maine Athletic Training Association. She works with clients from all over the Southern Maine area, helping them become their best self. Her passion in health, positivity, and patience has lead her to her role at Quest Fitness, where she has been since graduating from the University of Maine, Orono in 2013.


Eddie DiMuzio: Eddie is a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist at Quest Fitness. He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology. He received his Massage license from the Polarity Realization Institute in Portland, Maine. He worked at The Works Athletic Club and at Synergy Health and Fitness Center at Exeter Hospital. At Synergy he worked as an Exercise Technician for the Wellfit Program. This was an exercise program developed through the oncology department at Exeter Hospital. The exercise program was designed for people going through cancer treatment. He now works with people with neuromuscular issues along with people with Joint injuries and joint replacements.


Jenna Madore: Jenna’s love and drive for nutrition began when she was a child. Some of her favorite memories include a loud kitchen filled with her sisters, mother and grandmother all preparing food for meals that they would share together, sometimes for holidays, and sometimes for no reason other than to be together. This drove her to pursue a Master degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York Institute of Technology and completed a 1200 hr dietetic internship at the University of New Hampshire under accreditation from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. After years of working as an outpatient Dietitian, she created a space where she can work more intently with clients at their own pace. At Savor Food Life & Health, Jenna helps clients form a positive relationship with food to allow them to live life in optimum health.