Twelve Tips to Avoiding Cancer

September 1, 2015 · By Tracey F. Weisberg MD
This time of year is full of new starts for many.  Kids are back to school, college  students are trying out their new independent lives for the first time, recent graduates are starting their first real job, and there is a whole new flock of empty nesters.  It is a good time for all to rethink personal health plans and goals.  The calendars are full of dental appointments, annual physicals and flu shot schedules.   Below I am pleased to share with you some tips that if incorporated into your overall health plan and plan for daily living, may help maintain a physically and emotionally healthy state.
  1. Find a health care provider that you can trust and help you pursue screenings, promote wellness and understand signs and symptoms of emerging health challenges
  2. Know your family’s medical history as accurately as possible
  3. Develop a nutritional plan that supports your cells’ growth and maintenance creating energy. Be uncompromising about the quality of food you put in your body.
  4. Eliminate toxins from your body when at all possible
  5. Establish a movement plan that maintains muscles and cycles body fluids
  6. Establish healthy sleep patterns
  7. Set aside a time each day that is just for you, no matter what! Learn to love yourself and be your own best friend. Start your day with gratitude.
  8. Work to establish connections in your life through a partner, friends and family
  9. Contribute to the earth and others on a daily basis
  10. Limit you limiting beliefs.
  11. Smile and laugh at least 3 times a day. It will change your state.
  12. Live in the now and plan for the future.  The past cannot be changed and is gone forever.
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