Our New Website and Blog

June 26, 2015 · By Tracey F. Weisberg MD
New England Cancer Specialists is thrilled to be launching and sharing our new website with all of our trusted patients, friends, families and referring providers. Our goal is to serve you better and provide meaningful information to you before and during your visits with us. Care was taken in construction of this site to better reflect the scope of services provided in our offices that are now Oncology Medical Homes. We hope that you find the site friendly and welcoming for your cancer journey.

A new function of our site will be to have blogs on certain aspects of cancer and blood care that our staff wish to make available to you for informational purposes. Subjects will include cancer specific advances, comments on cancer research, new thoughts and reflections about cancer survivorship and victorship, and information about additional services in our offices including cancer genetics and end of life care. Because we are a “home,” there will be periodic postings about general happenings at the centers that might be of patient and family interest.

We are honored that you have chosen us to work with you in management of your cancer or blood disorder. Our goal is to serve you in our medical home and restore health to the very best of medical science’s ability.

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